In an effort to be more sustainable with how UF tracks volunteer service, as well as provide an enterprise-wide method of identifying UF volunteers, a university-wide volunteer tracking system has been created. This tracking system replaces the Record of Volunteer Service Form that is currently required for all volunteers and kept on file with the volunteer program college or department.

Additionally, a Volunteer Policy is now in place to provide guidance on the engagement of volunteers, along with the existing Volunteer Regulation. This policy also helps to clarify who is and who is not considered a volunteer.

Tracking a Volunteer

Before a volunteer can begin working in your office, they must be registered with a volunteer epaf.

Use the form below to submit the volunteer’s name and email. After your submission, admin will review and send the following, through DocuSign, to the volunteer coordinator and student volunteer:

*Please note that tracking a volunteer lasts for one year before a renewal must happen.

Volunteer Submission

Please use the form below to submit volunteer information.