U Matter, We Care

Creating a Culture of Care

It can be hard to reach out to people in need, particularly when we don’t know them. Even with our own friends or family, we may wonder, “Does this person really want me to get involved?” We may think an offer of help is better left to an authority or someone who is closer to the person in need.

The truth is that we can almost always help — if we make the choice to do so. UF’s U Matter, We Care initiative seeks to encourage us to make that choice by providing the tools for everyone at the university to assist students in distress or contact those at the university who are trained to help.

U Matter, We Care is an umbrella for care-related programs and resources for students and employees. It includes a program to train people to recognize the signs of distress and to provide help. It also includes a website of care-related resources, as well as a centralized phone number (294-CARE) and email address (umatter@ufl.edu) for those seeking help or wanting to help others. There are dedicated staff members working hard to ensure that Every Gator Counts.

Whether in reaching out to earthquake victims in Nepal or those affected by natural disasters such as hurricanes, we in the UF community have shown over and over again that we care about those outside our campus. U Matter, We Care helps us extend that care to those inside our own community. It is an important initiative for our university, and we hope you will join us in continuing its success.


The CARE Case Management Services staff are the people behind the program and assist students in deriving success plans for ongoing support and problem solving related to anticipated transitions and unexpected events.