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Legal Sanctions

State law prohibits the possession of alcoholic beverages by persons under age 21. No person may sell, give, serve, or permit to be served alcoholic beverages to a person under 21, and it is unlawful for a person under 21 to misrepresent his or her age in order to obtain alcohol. Violation for the first of any such offenses is …

Selected Laws Pertaining to Alcoholic Beverages

The use of alcoholic beverages by members of the University of Florida Community is subject to the alcoholic beverage laws of the State of Florida and to local ordinances. Below are selected state statutes and city ordinances pertaining to alcoholic beverages. City Ordinance Sections 4-4(b) and (c)

Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages

exercise of personal responsibility expected of members of the University of Florida community includes the obligation to make sound judgments regarding alcoholic beverages. The University of Florida recognizes that individuals and groups assume the risk and liability associated with alcoholic beverages. The sale, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University of Florida campus and at University of Florida …