The Dean’s Leadership Program

Leadership is a word that we sometimes throw around. We apply for this position or that group because everyone else is involved and we don’t want to get behind. This cohort-based leadership program seeks to challenge our ideas of leadership. In this six week program, we will be challenging our own assumptions of what it means to be a “leader” at the University of Florida.

Some of the questions that we will ask ourselves during this program:
• How do I set myself apart?
• What kind of leader do I really want to be and how do I make that a reality?
• How can I dig deep when the going gets tough?
• What’s involved in creating my vision for my future self?

Please feel free to explore the different pages to see if this learning opportunity makes sense for you. If you cannot make it happen this semester, do not fret because the Dean’s Leadership Program will be offered each fall and spring semester.