Policy on the Use of Alcoholic Beverages

exercise of personal responsibility expected of members of the University of Florida community includes the obligation to make sound judgments regarding alcoholic beverages. The University of Florida recognizes that individuals and groups assume the risk and liability associated with alcoholic beverages.

The sale, service, and consumption of alcoholic beverages on the University of Florida campus and at University of Florida events must be within the guidelines established by federal and state law and municipal and county ordinances. Further, because of concern for the health and safety of individuals on the University campus, the University has formulated rules concerning the sale, service, and consumption of alcohol on campus.

University rules also place certain restrictions on events involving alcoholic beverage distributors. Any student, student group, or employee of the University who is found to be in violation of the law or the University alcohol policy shall be subject to disciplinary action by the University.

Regulations of the University of Florida: UF-2.019, Alcoholic Beverages.