Clean Indoor Air

The Florida Clean Indoor Air Act of 1992, implemented by Section 386.201, Florida Statutes, prohibits smoking in enclosed indoor areas, other than those specifically designated as smoking areas, and further forbids designation of any smoking areas in educational facilities.

Accordingly, the University of Florida Policy requires that no smoking areas shall be designated within the University facility including, but not limited to, classrooms, offices, dining facilities, student residential facilities or any other building owned or leased by the University. This policy is consistent with the smoking policy of the State University System of Florida.

Each Department Chair and Director is responsible for ensuring policy compliance within areas under their jurisdiction. University standards for performance and conduct outline procedures for the willful violation of the provision of law, university rules, regulations and policies. It also important to note that any person who smokes, in other than designated smoking areas, commits a non-criminal violation punishable by a fine.